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Earth Call
  • Earth Call


    This was my very first painting from my 'Ink Series', inspired by the beautiful diversity of our planet. 

    It is so important to look after our planet and respect the Circle of Life. We need to have a sense of wonder at the natural world and the amazing, astonishing creatures that fill the Earth. 

    So often we live with our eyes closed, taking life for granted. We forget the awe and amazement the world held for us when we were children.

    When we are young it seems so easy to deeply feel the pain of others, to freely share our love and be immersed in the beauty of nature.

    Then, slowly we become obsessed with status, comparing ourselves to others; our focus on things that never truly make our souls happy.

    The simple key is to go back to basics. To live in the here and now, to hear the call of the Earth. We can all appreciate and respectfully live amongst our majestic earth.


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