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Ocean Secrets
  • Ocean Secrets


    We are just like the ocean. Deep, beautiful, full of unknown, untold stories and secrets. 

    My paintings are inspired by that rich mix of interwoven feelings and memories.

    When I was a little girl, my Russian grandmother observed my interest in symbolism. She became a big influence in my life.

    She taught me to be observant - to look for signs beyond the path, beyond the obvious.

    She inspired me in so many ways, like teaching me how I could write a story just by looking at the clouds.

    This particular painting speaks of greed. We are caretakers of this beautiful planet but we often forget that and allow greed to destroy all that is around us.

    As you gaze at this painting, you will find symbols that reflect the character of human arrogance and ignorance to the beauty of our surroundings. 

    We would do well to reflect on the following:

    "We didn't get this planet from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our future generations’".

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